List of External Resources for Sudanese Scholars (will be updated periodically)

Small Grant Program for Sudanese archaeologists currently residing in Sudan who are affiliated with NCAM or a Sudanese University

منح المركز الامريكي السوداني

Application Deadline: 1 December 2023; applications will be accepted after this date if funds remain.

Introduction: To continue our support and activities in Sudan, we propose an alternative initiative to replace the Sudanese annual fellowships and scholarships with minor grants for certain projects that serve the current situation in Sudan. The primary aim of this program is to increase awareness about the imperative need for preserving Sudan’s cultural heritage during the ongoing conflict and to facilitate the active involvement of the Sudanese archaeological community in academic and cultural management endeavours. Furthermore, this project will prepare AmSARC, the Sudanese community, and academic spheres to serve Sudan’s cultural heritage in the post-conflict period. We believe that the current moment is appropriate time to encourage fundraising efforts to further finance these scholarships. At this time, we also encourage new and renewed AmSARC individual memberships as well as donations.

AmSARC Grant Program: AmSARC is excited to announce the launch of grants to support your academic and professional pursuits in the fields of archaeology, museum studies, preservation, community engagement activities, or translation projects. As part of our mission towards cooperation between American and Sudanese institutions, AmSARC is launching a different program to support cultural and academic activities during the hardships since April, when the conflict started between the official Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces. We believe in making these opportunities accessible to a diverse range of applicants with various interests and objectives in archaeology and cultural management.

Grant Details:

  • Number of Grants: Multiple grants will be offered to individuals and collaborative teams.
  • Scholarship Value: Each grant is worth $500.
  • Flexibility: These scholarships are designed to meet specific interests and goals. You can apply to support research and projects in archaeology in one of the following subjects:
    • Writing a journal article/book chapter in museum, preservation, and archaeological studies
    • Community engagement programs in Sudan
    • Translation of an article/book chapter from English to Arabic, or Arabic to English

Who can apply?

  • Individuals: Sudanese archaeologists currently residing in Sudan who are affiliated with NCAM or a Sudanese university. Priority will be given to scholars who have not previously received funding from AmSARC.
  • Collaborative Projects: You can apply as a collaborative group for any of the grant categories. Collaborative projects should involve a minimum of two participants and the PI should be Sudanese.

Application Process: Provide the following information:

  1. Name(s) of Individual or Members of Collaborative Group
  2. Institution Name
  3. Position at Institution: write your job position or title.
  4. Permission: Indicate if you need an authorization letter from your institution.
  5. Category. Select from archaeology, museum studies, preservation, community engagement, or translation projects based on your interests and objectives.
  6. Proposal: In no more than 500 words, write a compelling proposal that outlines your project’s goals, methods, and anticipated outcomes. If you’re applying as a collaborative team, clearly define the roles of each participant. The proposal can be written in English or Arabic.
  7. Submit your application: send the above information to  

Review and Selection: Your applications will be reviewed by an independent committee of experts selected by AmSARC.

Funds Disbursement: Once selected, you will receive the grant funds to support your projects. With the exception of grants for community engagement, the first portion will be disbursed as a startup and the remaining when completed.

Dissemination of Project Results: You are asked to submit a brief final report (1-2 paragraphs) with an accompanying image for AmSARC to document usage of funding and to raise funds for additional grants.  We also encourage grant awardees to provide a live Zoom lecture, prerecorded lecture, or poster presentation of their work.