How to become a member

  1.  Determine the level of membership (see descriptions below).
    1. Individual $50
    2. Executive $150
    3. Institutional $400
    4. Student $10
    5. Sudanese (complimentary)
  2.  Complete the membership form below, press Submit.
  3.  Submit annual membership fee below. Click BUY NOW and add the appropriate amount in the PayPal link. Alternatively, a check for the appropriate amount can be sent to: Michele R. Buzon, Department of Anthropology, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN USA 47907.

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Membership Benefits:

Individual membership ($50)

– Quarterly update email
– Subscription to Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections for Individual, Student, and Executive Members
– Position on organizational committee
– Assistance in visiting archaeological sites in Sudan
– Participation in archaeological excavations

Additional benefits per membership level:
Institutional membership ($400):

– Public recognition on the AmSARC website
– Organization of fieldwork training for students
– Representative eligible for advisory panel term

Executive membership ($150)

– Opportunity to develop and revise center projects
– Access to a discussion group forum on archaeology in Sudan
– Access to our database of specialists

Student membership  ($10)

– Discount for attending AmSARC field schools
– Access to our jobs database for part time jobs and training with center projects